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Defensive Zone Cover Share and Sexy punishment scene with Dean

I've shared the cover on facebook, but I neglected to share it with my blog followers! I'm sorry! To make it up to you, I'm sharing a sexy punishment scene. Less than two weeks left until the release of Defensive Zone and I plan to tease you mercilessly until then!


She wiggled off his lap and winced when her butt hit the tiles. "Ouch! How hard did you bite me?" 

He grinned as he stood and held out his hand. "Hard enough to leave a mark. Does that bother you?"

Surprisingly, it didn't. She wouldn't be doing nude shots anytime soon and, as her body adjusted to the lightly throbbing bruise, she found she kind of liked it.


"What was that look?"

No way. Do not tell him. "What look?"

"Like you're savoring something." He covered her ass cheek with a hand and squeezed. "This, perhaps?"

She yelped. Then bit back a groan as the throbbing intensified. "No. I was thinking about that shower."

"I'm sure." He sighed. "We'll work on this truth thing. I would punish you for lying now, but I'm pleased with you."


"Because you took what I gave you and didn't ask me to fuck you once."

Holding her tongue between her teeth, she picked up her jeans and moved to put them on. "What's the point? You already told me you wouldn't."

He put his hand on her wrist before she could pull her jeans on. "Strip here, Silver. I want to see you. I think I've earned the pleasure."

Dropping her jeans, she straightened and gave him a sly smile. "I think you're right."

Her hips swayed to a sultry song in her head as she pealed off her t-shirt and tossed it aside. Unlatching her bra, she turned away from him, backing up until her butt rubbed against his erection. She let her bra fall and arched to look up at him, moulding her breasts with her hands as he stared.

"Don't you wish you didn't have to wait?" She smirked and sauntered away from him.

He yanked her back by the wrist and bent her over the table.


"You cockmunching son-of-a-bitch!" She howled as he smacked her again. "Stop! Ow!"

"Behave, Silver." Another hard slap struck her inner thigh when she tried to kick him. "I would have stopped at one for the sass, but I do not tolerate insults."

"You better get used to it, limp-dick!"

"Limp-dick?" He laughed and ground himself hard against her already sore ass. "Sweetheart, I am never 'limp' around you."

Ohohoh! Sore as she was, her insides clenched at the idea of having him inside her again. Maybe another verbal shove would do the trick. "Well you're a fucking asshole anyway."

He sighed. "I think you enjoy being spanked too much for it to be a very effective punishment. Don't move."

For a few seconds, she stayed in that position, facedown on his table, staring at the bowl of sliced apples which for some reason hadn't turned brown. Just as he returned, she realized she'd done what he'd told her to and tried to fix that by skirting away.

Something hit her, hard, and her breath caught in her throat. That wasn't his hand.

He laid the flogger on the table. "Don't make me use it again, pet."

Something wet squirted between her ass cheeks. Her eyes went wide. "No. Oh hell no!"

"Brace yourself."

Cold. Hard. Big. Pressing against her asshole. "I said no!"

Dean's big hand massaged the sorest spot on her butt. "Have you forgotten your safeword, pet?"

"No I haven't fucking forgotten."

The flogger disappeared. Crack! She grunted through her teeth as her body absorbed the sting.

"Manners," Dean said.

"I haven't fucking forgotten, sir!" Really? Then say it!

So twisted, but she really didn't want to. Her eyes teared as the big thing—probably a butt plug—was forced into her. Burning, burning, then a plop as it was seated snuggly.

"There we go." He pulled her to her feet. "Take your shower and leave it in. I may take it out before you sit down to eat if you tell me how sorry you are."

"I'm not sorry."

He frowned as though frustrated with her response. "You know what, I believe you. I may have been very wrong about you. Do whatever you want."

Fine, I will. Not like it mattered what he thought. She laughed in his face and scampered to the bathroom before he could use the flogger again. The plug was just big enough for discomfort, but nothing she couldn't handle. He should have gone for a bigger size if he really wanted to punish her.

Size didn't much matter as the heavy plug weighed on the snug ring of muscles. Irritating, but worse, a constant reminder of how things had shifted from their talking and then their lusty play. Under the hot spray she felt her defiance wash away. Part of her wanted to push him, to test him, but . . .

But what?

The way he'd looked at her, that disappointment, which only darkened after she'd laughed, ruined everything. Maybe she'd pushed him too far. She didn't want him to stop caring.

Why? He's not your Master. You don't want a Master.

Well, playing with one once in awhile might be interesting.

Find another one. Shouldn't be that hard.

But, she didn't want another one.

She wanted Dean.
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  1. Great snippet---Silver is really falling for Dean and the life. This will be one great book; so wil #3. Great talent Bianca!!!!!