Saturday, March 24, 2012

Official Release Date For DEFENSIVE ZONE and a Sexy bit from Dean and Silver's first night

I know, I know, it seems like a long time! But it's really not considering Defensive Zone will be a bit longer than Game Misconduct. And this is Silver we're dealing with. There was no way her book would be easy! ;)

As a treat, since you've all been so patient, here's a hot scene with Dean and Silver. This is shortly after the spanking scene that you got a taste of at the end of Game Misconduct. Enjoy!

Long excerpt from Defensive Zone:
Copyright 2012 Bianca Sommerland

The door flew open just as she was about to retreat. "Wha—Silver?"
His gaze swept over her and instinct took over. She stepped forward and let the blanket fall.
He shook his head. "Silver—"
"I've taken all the humiliation I can stand for one night, Dean." She flattened her hands on his chest, fingering the buttons of his shirt and keeping her eyes downcast because she knew he'd like that. "Don't make me beg."
Letting out a skin tingling chuckle, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her against him. "As if you would."
"If that's what I have to do for you to take me . . . ."
"Take you." He ran his thumbs over the soft curve of her belly. "Are you sure? The spanking go to you pretty bad. You wouldn't even let me—"
She put a finger over his lips. "I'm still pissed at you about that. Don't remind me. All you need to know is I know exactly what I'm doing."
"Do you?" He drew her away from the door and swung it closed. Then he pressed his eyes shut and gave his head a little shake. "Damn woman, I hope that's true, because I'm in no condition to be the sane one here."
A throaty laugh escaped her. She rose up on her tiptoes and spoke with her lips close to his. "Are you drunk?"
"Not quite." His eyelids lowered and his lips curled. The hint of alcohol on his breath made her mouth water. He flicked his tongue over her bottom lip. "But I've had enough to accept your offer, even though I should make you get dressed and send you home in a cab." His hot breath caressed her lips. "Even though we'll both regret this tomorrow."
With that he claimed her mouth with a fierce kiss that promised all she'd come for. She moaned as his teeth tugged at her bottom lip. He clenched his fists in her hair and his tongue delved deep into her mouth, thrusting, possessing, driving her mad as the rest of her body screamed for the same attention.
Together they stumbled into his living room. He helped her removed his shirt without breaking his assault of her mouth and then fell onto the sofa. She undid his pants and pull out his dick, exploring the hot, thick length with her hands as he dug his fingers into her shoulder and practically dragged her into his lap.
"You've had me fucking bursting at the seams since the moment you walked into my club—before I even knew who you were, I wanted you." He let his head fall back and groaned as she fisted her hands around his cock and rubbed the head against her wet folds. "And when you took everything I could give—"
"Not everything." She slid to her knees and flicked her tongue over the tip of him, tasting her own musky arousal mixed with his salty precum. "Not yet."
In one smooth, practiced motion, she had his full length in her mouth, hitting the back of her throat as she bobbed her head. His pulse pounded against her tongue and she swallowed, sucking harder and harder until he grunted and jerked her to her feet.
"Enough. I want more than your mouth." He belied the comment by slamming his lips over hers, stealing her breath and her strength with a kiss that slammed the door on her illusions of being in control. "I have condoms in my wallet."
She shook her head and looked around. Her purse was on the floor by the blanket. She fetched it and dug inside for her stash. "I come prepared."
His expression darkened, but he held still as she covered him. He didn't speak until she climbed onto him and moved to take him inside her. "Stop."
Eyes wide, she stared at him. "What?"
He grabbed her wrist and roughly drew them behind her back. Holding them with one hand, he patted her thigh with the other. "Open."
A shudder passed through her as she tested his grip. He might as well have shackled her. Part of her rebelled, wanting to take charge, but lust spilled over and she surrendered to it, willing to let him lead the way if it would end with her being filled up and satisfied.
She spread her thighs as far apart as she could and whimpered as he angled her back. He slipped a finger between her folds and drew it over her clit.
"Look at that pretty pussy." He opened her with a finger and his thumb. "You're so wet, sweetheart." He slowly pushed one finger inside her. "Hot and tight. I think you've been needing this for awhile, baby."
She gasped and threw her head back as she thrust her hips forward. "Yes!"
"How long has it been since you had a nice, hard dick in your cunt, Silver?"
"Too long! Please!"
"Soon." He lowered his head and caught a nipple with his teeth. Exquisite pain speared straight down and she let out a desperate, keening sound. He teased the tip of her nipple with his tongue, then glanced up at her. "Sensitive nipples. Do you think your men will notice if I leave them nice and red?"
"No." Her eyes teared and she swallowed. The last few times Asher had fucked her ass, he'd left her shirt and bra on. Her breasts didn't interest him. "Dean . . . I don't want to talk about them."
"Poor baby." He shook his head and lapped a circle around her other nipple. "Forget them." His finger pushed in deep and he curved it forward, holding her still as she squirmed. "Right now, you're all mine. And I happen to love your breasts."
She panted as he sucked her breast into his mouth. Oh fuck!
Too much. With just his finger in her cunt and his lips on her breast he made her feel more than she could ever recall feeling. She bucked and quivered as he fucked her languorously with that one finger, licking and nibbling at first one breast, then the other, until the nerves in both burst into flames. Her core clenched around his finger and she tumbled into a fast, hard orgasm. The pleasure blanked her mind and she collapsed onto him, hardly even noticing that he'd released her hands as she clung to him.
"I'm not done with you." He pressed her head against his chest. "But I think you need a minute."
She squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head. "No. More. Please."
"No more?" He laughed when she sat up straight. "I'm teasing, pet. Clasp you hands behind your neck. I need to be inside you."
Shifting to give him easier access, she twined her fingers under her hair, not caring anymore that he'd taken over. His hand on the small of his back, his other around his dick, made her throb with anticipation. He helped her rise just enough to slip himself into her entrance. Then he grasped her hips and yanked her down hard.
"Oh!" She dropped her head onto his shoulder, shaking as her body adjusted to him. A little too long, a little . . . too . . . thick. He stretched her more than any man she'd ever been with. "Wait. Wait."
"Yes. I can tell." He let out a gruff sound and held her tight. "Jesus, Silver. I didn't know. You should have told me." He put his hand under her chin and kissed her. "Why? Why would you do this to yourself?"
Nonono! She gulped against the tightening in her throat. He couldn't do this. Not now. He was a means to an end. That was it. Her relationship with Asher and Cedric was none of his fucking business.
A little honesty would get him moving. "You're a lot . . . bigger than I'm used to. But you've got me so wet I think I can—"
"You can." He glided his lips down her throat, then laid a gentle kisses over each of her breasts. "I would grab your ass and make you take me deeper, but that would hurt. And I don't want to hurt you anymore. I just want to feel you around me."
Her hips rose and she sucked in air as his dick forced all her delicate tissues within to expand as she dropped down. "You aren't hurting me You're driving me insane. I want you fuck me hard on the floor. I want to be under you—"
"That's not happening tonight, love" He stroked her bottom, pressing lightly with his fingertips until she moaned in pain. "If you're under me, all the pressure will be on the bruises. If you weren't so tight, I'd try it, but together, it's too much. Lift up a bit. Take me, baby."
She lifted up and braced herself. "Don't hold back."
"I won't."

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