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I kinda forgot I had a blog.

And that some people wait for updates here.

Which doesn't really work well if I'm not posting.

Let's fix that! lol

The last couple of years have been rough, so releases came less often. This year I decided I was going to make up for that and up my game.

Which included finishing up a m/m/m I'd been teasing for awhile.

And releasing it without fanfare or 'coming soon'.

I just wanted to do it and not keep people waiting.

So here it is!
Prison or a life of luxury? Let me think…

Reluctant thief Alec Tremaine would rather be behind bars than face his brothers after his first attempt at grand theft auto goes horribly wrong. Desperation had him agreeing to their crazy plan—better to be a criminal like the rest of the Tremaine clan than starve on the streets—but when they abandon him, he’s forced to face the most powerful man in the city.

And given the opportunity to climb out of the gutter.

Right into the bed of Xavier Ashburne.

There’s only one catch. Alec isn’t quite up to Xavier’s standards. Not yet.

His head of security, Luther Cross, the only man Xavier considers his equal, sees something in Alec worth more than anyone ever has. Bound by the rules of his unique relationship with the temperamental millionaire, Luther’s training could decide Alec’s entire future. But giving in to temptation could destroy it.

Alec’s value is in what he must become.





Aside from Polished, the next Cobra book, OVETIME (The Dartmouth Cobras #9) is up for pre-order NOW. This one I wanted to get perfect and there's been more sharing about the process, but this is a journey we've been on together for years.

I love this book and I'm so excited to share it with you!

The game isn’t over.

Every win has cost the Dartmouth Cobras, but one family has paid more than any to see the team succeed. Including their control over the franchise.

Which means the future of the team is out of their hands.

Ford Delgado, heir to the dwindling Delgado fortune, sold the team to save it, but a legacy of deceit and crime puts everything he and his sisters fought for at risk. As a family, their bond has grown, but the threat of losing the one thing they share may tear them apart.

Lorenzo Keane, owner of the Dartmouth Cobras, faces the most difficult decision of his life. This team has destroyed one family, and he won’t risk his own to save it. But his passion for the game makes abandoning his place in the Dartmouth Cobras legacy one of the most difficult choices he’ll ever have to make.

A losing streak might mean more than a short season.

The team’s fate rests in the hands of a man with more to lose than a game. Unless Ford can make a new deal. One that will have his family coming out on top. His methods might leave something to be desired, but he’ll stop at nothing to bring home a win.

He is a Delgado, after all.

Here's a sneak peek, just because you've been so awesome and patient.

OVERTIME (The Dartmouth Cobras Book 9)

Sneak Peek:
He ducked into the ‘Employees Only’ area, which held the small kitchen, his office, and the storage room. Cort was in the kitchen, checking the fridge and cupboards for coffee and cream. He shook his head as he jotted down both on the list Reggie, their main bartender, had left. Dude always forgot something.
“Tell me why we haven’t fired this guy yet?” Cort grumbled as he picked up a nearly empty bag of sugar. “He ever gonna get this right?”
“Probably not.” Ford hooked his thumbs to his belt and leaned against the counter. “Listen, I… I don’t want things to change. Me and you, we’re good.”
Cort placed the sugar and the pen on the short counter by the fridge. “Yeah? Then tell me what happened at your Dad’s place.”
“Don’t fucking call him that, man. Done with ‘Dads’.” Ford’s jaw hardened. He could still see Kingsley, laying on a slab in the morgue. Ford had been relieved and…
And nothing. He refused to let that man take up any more space in his head.
“Look at me.” Cort stepped across the room and raked his fingers through Ford’s hair, meeting his eyes, his own hard. “You’re right. Anthony isn’t your dad. I shouldn’t have said that.”
“It’s okay.”
“It’s not. I know better.” Cort sighed, loosening his grip on Ford’s hair. “You’ve been fucked over by most of the men in your life. I won’t be one of them.” He inhaled roughly. “And I won’t let the bastard hurt you. Or your sisters. Tell me what happened. Let me deal with him.”
Ford’s brow rose. “You’re a good guy now. What are you gonna do? Give him a stern talking to?”
“Don’t be a punk, Ford.” Cort’s lips quirked slightly. “I gotta make you talk or what?”
A chill ran down Ford’s spine and he licked his lips. His pulse quickened as he considered how Cort might get him to talk. Would probably be painful. Very painful.
He’d be a little afraid if he didn’t get off on the pain. When it was Cort giving it to him anyway. The man was still training at the club, but he’d picked up some pretty impressive skills. Not that they had floggers in the kitchen.
Not this kitchen, anyway.
Clearing his throat, he met Cort’s eyes. “You think you can?”
Giving him a hooded look, Cort closed the distance between them, pressing him against the counter as he ran his hand down the side of Ford’s neck. He stroked his fingers against the pressure point in the curve of Ford’s shoulder, the only warning before he drove them in hard, making Ford’s whole body jerk. The pain almost drove him to his knees, but he grabbed onto the counter. Hissed through his teeth as Cort moved his hand to the other side, holding his gaze.
“You sure you want to play, Ford?” Cort leaned in, brushing his lips against Ford’s smooth cheek to whisper in his ear. “I won’t be gentle.”
“Good.” Ford braced himself, but this time the deep, driving pain didn’t let up. “Fuck!
He lowered his head to Cort’s shoulder, panting as Cort rubbed away the lingering ache. Blood pulse into his balls and his dick hardened. A sweet haze stole away the chaos in his head and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to tell Cort whatever he wanted to know so the game could change, or hold back so he’d continue exactly as he was now.
He didn’t get a chance to decide. Cort took his hand, effortlessly finding the pressure point there, and stepping back as Ford dropped to his knees.
“Fuck, I like you like this.” Cort pressed his thumb against Ford’s lips, chuckling as Ford flicked his tongue over the tip. “You’re too much of a pain slut for me to torture the truth out of you. You win. And I need to get to the store before it closes.”
Releasing Ford’s hand, Cort grabbed the list and the accounting books from the counter and headed for the door. Not glancing back once.
Cursing under his breath, Ford slammed his head back against the cupboards. He and Akira needed to have a chat. Convince Cort to stop training with Sloan. He was turning into a fucking sadist.

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