Friday, December 22, 2017

CRITICS aRen't tOo #Bright

From the moment I saw the trailer for Bright, I knew it was my kind of movie.

Action? Check

Fantasy? Check

Visually appealing, gritty, exciting? Check. Check. Check.

My first question was, why didn't I hear about this before? Where were all the ads? The build up? The promo?

Good on Netflix, because they proved they didn't need it. They let the movie speak for itself.

Bright is a movie that doesn't spoon-feed the audience. You're thrown into a world that's best described as a mix of "Lord of the Rings meets Training Day." 

**I wanted to credit the first person on Twitter to say that, but there have been several so I'll just credit the viewers on the #Bright who have a better grasp than the 'Film Critics'**

And oh, the film critics. You know, the kind who gush over La La Land. Yeah, they're trying to tell us not to watch Bright.

Not only that, they're behaving like a strange hive mind, the only originality between their reviews being the way they phrase their insults.

The one that made its way onto 'Moments' is "Worst Movie of the Year."

Now, I get it. Not everyone likes the same thing. But the repetitive, sanctimonious reactions are so dry and tedious it's obvious no one's ass was licked for steller reviews. Netflix didn't even offer a rim job! SHAME ON THEM!

But for the rest of us, Netflix did offer an amazing movie that's different from anything in the fantasy genre that we've been offered in a long time. I would have loved to see this on the big screen, but I'm so happy Netflix brought it right to us. They didn't force us to pay for movie tickets and overpriced popcorn. So long as you can afford Netflix-and that's all a lot of people CAN afford-you have access to a movie made with the same standards of many you have to wait months to see at home.

Since the movie just came out today, I'm going to wait a day or so to write a full review, but I just had to get my thoughts out after seeing the way the movie was getting slammed.

If you read reviews, you will be told you shouldn't enjoy this movie. It addresses touchy subject matter with zero fucks given. It doesn't hold your hand through the plot. Maybe that's what the critics need, but I don't think most viewers do.

And we need movies like this. Movies that don't pander to corporations, mainstream media, or the lovely critics who are clearly unbiased. 

If you hate the movie, that's cool. It's gritty and dark and violent and that's not for everyone. But don't hesitate because of the reviews. Listen to regular people who have nothing to gain or lose from sharing their opinions. 

I loved this movie so much I had to come here and share my thoughts. And I'd love to hear yours as well. I'll post reviews with my own if I get any, so feel free to either leave yours in the comments or send them along.

Sorry for being salty. Sometimes I get overexcited. ;)


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