Tuesday, September 27, 2016

STREET SMARTS EARLY RELEASE-Excerpt, What's up next, and ON MY TBR!

So, technically it was supposed to be out tomorrow, but patience isn't one of my virtues! lol


Here's a little teaser:

Not what you were expecting, huh?” Otto rested his hand on Rip’s shoulder. His touch brought a comforting warmth, a steadiness Rip hadn’t realized he was lacking.
He smiled. “It’s cool. The perfect bachelor pad.”
“Yeah…well, aside from Derek and Gage, you’re the first person I’ve ever brought down here.” Otto lightly massaged the side of Rip’s neck. “Took me awhile to get used to having my own space again.”
“Really?” Rip glanced over at Otto, fighting the urge to lean back against him. Fuck, those strong fingers on his neck felt good. “I’d assumed a man like you would bring a new guy home every weekend.”
Otto snorted. “And deal with the awkwardness of waking up with them here in the morning? Hell no. I prefer neutral territory.”
“You must spend a lot on hotels then.”
“Are you calling me a slut, Rip?” Otto slid his hand down Rip’s chest, moving closer to speak softly in his ear. “Or are you telling me you’d prefer I bring you somewhere else?”
Swallowing hard, Rip shook his head. “Neither. I just…I’m not sure how this works.”
Bringing his lips to the side of Rip’s throat, Otto teased his sensitive flesh with the tip of his tongue. “You’re thinking too much. Stop. Does this work for you?”
The light sucking on the side of his neck made not thinking pretty easy. He closed his eyes and nodded.
“Good.” Otto grazed his throat with his teeth. “Just don’t forget to breathe.”
Lips curving, Rip inhaled noisily, then turned to face Otto. “I’ll do my best, but you’re making it hard.”
“I fucking hope so.” Moving quickly, Otto claimed Rip’s lips while tugging at the buttons on his shirt. His kiss left Rip breathless as his shirt hit the floor. His hand glided over Rip’s bare chest and their eyes met. “Your heart’s pounding. You nervous?”
Losing his shirt had Rip wondering how fast things would go, but Otto read his every reaction in a way he hadn’t anticipated. Not at all like things played out in the porn Rip watched.
The thought made him laugh. He shook his head when Otto arched a brow at him. “Sorry, my frame of reference is a little ridiculous. I thought you’d go for the kill.”
“The kill sounds painful.” Otto chuckled. “What the hell is your ‘frame of reference’?”

Amazon: http://bit.ly/streetsmartsKIN Nook: http://bit.ly/streetsmartsBN ARE: http://bit.ly/streetsmartsARE


So many things, but my October release will feature none other than our badass Domme, Chicklet!

More on that soon, but for now I'll just let you know it's a prequel, telling the story of her beginning with Laura. We get visits from some of the Cobras younger selves and a whole lot of naughtiness! <g>

Also, the cover is rather gorgeous, if I do say so myself! :)


Here's some awesome new releases out that you all NEED to check out! 






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  1. Absolutely loved it! Can't wait for Chicklet and Laura. :D