Thursday, January 14, 2016

DEATH TO ALL BUT.... yeah, not finishing that! lol! TWO WEEKS UNTIL THE RELEASE OF BACKLASH!!!!

MINUS a day, because I was crazy busy yesterday and forgot to post! lol!

Anyway, the AWESOMENESS that is Winter's Wrath's first book, BACKLASH, will hit your kindles, iPads, iPhones, laptops, or microchip in your brain that directly downloads ebooks into the pleasure centers in your frontal lobe--which is pretty cool, you need to share that technology! 

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And here's the ONLY really naughty excerpt you're getting before the tour starts. <g>

But I was generous! :*

Backlash (Winter's Wrath #1)

All five bands had retreated to their busses, or headed out to local restaurants, to chill out before the show started. The crewmembers were still around, adjusting the lighting and setting up the merch tables. Backstage was surprisingly empty, but she knew a roadie could show up any minute.

Alder didn’t seem at all concerned, so she took his lead, moaning into his mouth as he pushed her up against the wall behind the heavy, red stage curtains. He cupped her pussy under her skirt, shifting aside the lace covering her and dipping a thick, calloused finger inside her with a soft groan.

“I love how wet you get for me.” He dragged his finger out, spreading the moisture over her clit, circling the tiny bud until she had to bite her lip to keep from crying out at the sharp spark of pleasure. His hot breath brushed her throat as he leaned closer to her, easing his finger in and moving over her clit in a deliciously, torturous rhythm. “Feeling you like this, I can’t help thinking about how you taste. I could spend hours with your legs wrapped around my neck and my mouth on your sweet pussy.”

Oh, I like that idea. Her core tightened as he pressed another finger into her alongside the first. She was so aroused, she knew he’d set her off before long, but she needed to see him as out of control as she was. He always paid close attention to her, giving her anything she could want or need.

Right now, what she needed was to return the favor.

Curving her hand around the back of his neck, she drew him down so she could whisper in his ear. “I still don’t know what you taste like. That’s about to change.”

Tugging his belt open, she maneuvered him around so his back was braced against the wall. When his hand left her she grabbed his wrist and sucked his fingers, enjoying both the flavor of herself on his skin, and the way he sucked in a sharp breath as he watched her.

She opened his jeans, freeing his long, hard dick which she’d felt inside her more than once, but still hadn’t had a chance to admire.
Stroking him, she ran her tongue over the thick head, which had darkened with his arousal. Along his length were thick veins and his pulse beat against her tongue as she ran it up the underside of his dick. Teasing him with a flick of her tongue, she tasted the bead of precum slicking the slit of his cock.

“Baby, that feels so fucking good.” Alder cupped her cheek, shifting his hips slightly as she wrapped her lips around him. “God, you’re beautiful.”

Cupping his balls in her hand, she let her saliva slick his whole length, moving faster, watching his face until he tipped his head back, muttering what sounded like a prayer.

From the corner of her eye, there was movement. She slowed, not sure if she should stop and warn Alder.

But then she saw who it was and a naughty little voice in her head told her to keep going. She still remembered those teasing words about how she “Might have had competition.”

They wouldn’t get in trouble for getting caught. Not by him.
He can either leave, or he can stay and watch.

And for some strange reason, she kinda hoped he’d stay.


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