Monday, July 27, 2015

There are NO gay players in the NHL-PART Two (Saku Koivu's reply in English and French)

Not the most flattering picture, but I'll never forget how excited I was to meet this amazing man. He signed a hat for me which I have locked away in a safe until I can get a special hat display. Might sound nuts, but I learned after my daughter lost half the team's signatures on a hat she accidentally mixed in with the laundry.

I may never get another chance to meet him, so I'm taking no risks!

So back to the interview! Again, here's the link if you'd like to watch it (Question at 39:00) :

**Credit to Jade Baiser for the French translation:

"In November, Mr. Molson stated in an interview with the Gazette that the Canadiens would welcome an openly gay player on their roster. As a former Hab, do you think the atmosphere in the locker room would make acceptance that easy?"

En Novembre, M. Molson a déclaré dans une interview à la Gazette que les Canadiens accueilleraient un joueur ouvertement gay sur leur liste. En tant qu'ancien joueur, pensez-vous que l'atmosphère dans le vestiaire rendrait cette acceptation si facile?

Saku Koivu:

"I know it’s been in the news also, in Finland and everywhere in the last few months and I strongly, strongly believe that yes. I don’t think it would be a problem. I know if that would happen it would bring up a lot of questions. But for players in a team I don’t see that being a problem at all."

Je sais que cela a fait la une en Finlande et un peu partout également au cours des derniers mois et je crois fermement que oui. Je ne pense pas que ce serait un problème. Je sais que si cela arrivait, cela apporterait beaucoup de questions. Mais pour les joueurs d'une équipe, je ne pense pas du tout que ce serait un problème.

Very straight forward. And exactly what a young boy or girl who loves the sport needs to hear. Female hockey players have come out, but our guys still aren't ready. Maybe this won't do much, but you never know. His words may be exactly what they need.

My next post will have a collection of links to some of the best posts I've found on the topic, as well as some information on gay players in other hockey leagues.

There are NO gay players in the NHL


  1. It's hard to believe there are no gay players in the NHL, or in any other sports leagues, for that matter. After all, 30% of the population is gay.