Sunday, June 14, 2015


I love you all so much. On asking who you'd want to see and giving you three choice, your replies were so touching for all three of them that I've made a decision! <g>

I'm gonna put up THREE different excerpts from the choices over the next week! I figure every two day you get a taste of Goal Line. Then I disappear to Vegas and won't be around much. 

Since they're the hero and heroine of Goal Line, we'll start with Dominik and Sahara!

Excerpt from GOAL LINE (The Dartmouth Cobras #7)

Dominik leaned over her, stroking her side, his eyes telling her he sensed she was in the right place for them to move forward. He smiled when she nodded. “Good. Now, the tape will give you the illusion of restraint, but if you really need to be free, all you have to do is pull hard.”
She bit her lip, wondering why he’d wanted to make it so easy. She’d had real restraints at the club. “I won’t.”
“We’ve never played before, Sahara. Don’t take it as a bad thing.” He tucked her hair behind her ears. “Until I can be sure of all your triggers, I’d prefer an easy release. We’ll get you some wrist cuffs for next time. I gave away all the reusable toys and restraints I had when I decided I no longer wanted to be a Dom.”
“I’m glad you changed your mind.”
“You changed it for me. Pushy little sub.” He cupped her cheek with one hand, claiming her lips in a deep, passionate kiss. “I think we’ve done all the talking necessary for the moment. Let me see what I have to play with.”
He moved down, brushing his lips along the length of her throat, pausing when she moaned in pleasure at a sweet, tingling sensation. Her neck had always been sensitive, but few men gave the area much attention. Dominik however, lingered, using his teeth on the same spot. Sucking lightly, he turned the sweetness into spine-bowing pleasure. She whimpered, grinding her heels into the sheets as her core clenched in need.
His lips slid lower, along her collarbone, between her breasts, where the rough texture of his playoff beard teased the swell. He rubbed his cheek over one breast, and her nipple tightened at the sharp spark in her nerves. He turned his head to take the hard little nub between his lips, pulling until she writhed beneath him.
She had to fight not to tug at her wrists. She wanted to guide him to her other breast to ease the ache of desire, but he was already there, rolling his tongue around her nipple, lifting both her breasts so he could give each the attention of his mouth.
A little farther down and he gently bit the skin of her belly in a way that was almost ticklish. She jumped and he pinned her hips, holding her still so he could move on to the dip of her pelvis.
Her lips parted as his tongue traced down to the edge of her mound. “Please…”
He bit the inside of her thigh. “Not a sound, my girl. Hold it in until you can’t help but cry out. Then I want to hear it all.”
She gasped between her parted lips as he spread her thighs. Being quiet while he had his mouth on her seemed impossible, but she wanted to please him. His fingers opened her and the tip of his tongue slid between her folds. His teeth closed around her clit and tugged.
The pleasure cut through her, razor-fine along her nerves, bringing her to the point where she needed to be closer to him, all while wanting to twist away to escape the intensity of the sensation. He laved over her clit with his tongue, dampening the edge, then pressed down, drawing a lazy circle over the hyperstimulated nub. He pressed her thighs farther apart and slicked a finger between her folds.
Not a sound escaped her, but she had to choke back a “Yes!” when his finger penetrated and her core clenched around him. A slight bend of his finger and all her restraint escaped her. She arched, crying out as her climax took her up and up and rocked her body like a small earthquake.
Another finger filled her, drawing out the pleasure until she sank into the mattress, completely drained. She’d gotten so used to toys and different stimulants to get her off that she hadn’t expected Dominik to bring her release with only his fingers and his mouth.
Maybe she should have held back longer. She tightened around his fingers, feeling self-conscious. He wanted a sub who would give him control, but she hadn’t waited for his permission. She hadn’t even thought to try.
He withdrew his fingers, slipping off the bed to grab something out of his suitcase. Not looking at her, he exhaled slowly. “I’m not sure what to make of that expression, Sahara. Talk to me.”
She pressed her eyes shut. Then remembered his telling her he wanted her to look at him. When she opened them again, he was standing by the bed, studying her face.
“A good sub waits for permission to come.” She chewed on her bottom lip, still a little swollen from his kisses. “Oriana would have—”
“Clearly not for the same reasons, but Oriana has no more place in here with us than your ex does. Do not compare yourself to her again.” He didn’t sound angry, but his gaze was hard as he held hers. “You were told to be silent until you couldn’t any longer. That was permission.”
“But I—”
“You are still new enough to try to assume to know what I want. What you will work on is not attempting to guess what I want from you. I will be very clear.” His tone softened. “You are my sub. You will learn to please me, and I appreciate that it’s important to you. But your pleasure is mine to give or deny. Denying you would be pointless if you don’t know what you’re missing. We’re not there yet.”
“I’m sorry.” Damn it, she’d messed up again. Why couldn’t she just get this right? “I won’t do it again.”
“You may, but that’s not a bad thing. Stop thinking you should know everything.” He brought something to his mouth. A condom package that he tore open with his teeth. “Should we stop to discuss what you didn’t do wrong, or shall we continue?”
All she could do was nod, but it satisfied him. He covered his length, then returned to the bed to kneel between her thighs. He ran his hands up and down her calves, bending down to press a light kiss above her knee.
Her whole body hummed in anticipation of his taking her, and heat pooled deep in her belly. She prepared for him to hold back, to tease her until she couldn’t resist begging for him. Instead, he lifted her knees over his muscular arms, holding her with one hand while he used the other to guide his thick length into her.
Deep, long thrusts brought him deeper and deeper, the way he glided almost all the way in, then drew out until only the broad head of him remained, stimulated her in a way no man had before. He held her legs and hips off the mattress so she could do nothing but take whatever he gave. Which was everything.

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