Monday, May 11, 2015


In case you missed it, today is the day you finally get to see the AMAZING cover for Goal Line!

I've been dying to share this with you. Thanks to the INCREDIBLE photographer, Jenn Leblanc of STUDIO SMEXY we were able to get the perfect visual for Dominik Mason. This was so important to me now that he's getting his own book.

His book will be released everywhere June 29th. 

And here's the cover:


Impressive, eh? <g> And Reese Dante, the cover artist for the Dartmouth Cobras series, did an amazing job bringing Dominik to life on the cover.

Now, here's a sneak peek of him brought to life on the page:

The discussion turned to less serious topics, but Sahara still hadn’t come out. Dominik suspected she was overthinking things and decided to put a stop to that.
Jami grabbed his arm when he stood. “She’s coming.”
“I find that hard to believe.” Dominik glanced down at Jami’s hand, pleased when she moved it without having to be told. He might not even consider being dominant toward the girl, but she knew better than to lay her hands on men who weren’t hers.
Or perhaps he’d grown too accustomed to club protocol. Regardless, he’d come here for Sahara and he didn’t need Carter and Jami as chaperones. The whole set up was mildly amusing, but enough was enough.
He headed down the hall quietly, listening to the shuffling just beyond the last door. And the frustrated groan. He cleared his throat. “Please tell me you’re not worried about looking perfect for me, Sahara. That takes no effort at all.”
Another groan and a strained laugh. “Great, now I feel silly.”
“Which is adorable.” He leaned against the wall by the door. “But either way, I don’t want the fact that this is an ‘official date’ to change how comfortable you’ve been with me in the past. I’m not a new man you’re trying to impress. I’m a man who already is.”
The doorknob turned and the door opened a crack. He heard her take a deep breath before she came out.
Then it was his turn to take in as much oxygen as possible. Sahara always looked amazing, but in a snug crimson lace dress, clinging to all her curves and falling to just above her knees, she was sexy and elegant all at once. There was something vulnerable in her eyes, in her stance even though she stood with her shoulders back and head held high. He found it hard to believe that she didn’t know how beautiful she was, but maybe that wasn’t the issue at all. The way she looked at him was expectant, almost shy. As though she wanted to know she’d pleased him.
She had, but he hadn’t asked her out just to have a gorgeous woman on his arm. He could call his agent and have his pick of models to make an appearance. He wanted the woman he’d had easy conversations with. The woman he’d held while she cried after the loss of the coach they’d all loved so much.
He could have made this easier on them both by taking her somewhere simple, to a movie, out bowling or…there were many options, but none that would make his intentions clear. He wasn’t taking Sahara out because he had nothing better to do. There was something between them that he wanted to explore. Tonight would be special. Possibly a new beginning.
“Look at me.” He tipped her chin up with a finger. “What do you see?”
Her lips parted. Then she bit her lush, glistening red bottom lip. “I see you. You look…very handsome, but you’re still the same man who’s been there for me, at the club and…and for a long time.”
Inclining his head, he gave her a broad smile. “Good girl. Now, you do know that there may be photos of the two of us online before the end of the night. It will go much better if you don’t seem  afraid of me.”
“I’m not afraid of you, Dominik.” She exhaled and laughed. “I have no reason to be.”
Well now, he wouldn’t go that far. A little fear made things interesting. He pulled her close and brushed her ear with his lips. “That’s cute. Shall I give you a reason?”

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