Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Should we ever meet, don’t ask . . .?

In a bit of a mood today. Not a bad mood, just the kind of mood that promotes total randomness. Which got me thinking, what shall I say to people I meet at the conferences this summer? And should I give them some warning that my answers might sound like I’m not all there? (Because I might not be—answers will probably be worse if you find me in the bar! <eg>)

Well, my answer to myself was yes. So here’s my warning: I claim no responsibility for what I may blurt out. I’m an author, I’m allowed to be weird! ;)

Here’s some of the questions I figured I might be asked, along with my possible answers. All replied with love! <3

Q: Oh, you’re an author?! What do you write?

Answer: Self-help books. All about how to help yourself to a hot hockey player. My former books are about how to handle seven men and/or enjoy captivity and torture.

Q: Can you name one of your books?

Answer: Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, War and Peace, and . . .
Oh, the books I’ve written! *blush* Here, have a bookmark.

Q: Do you have kids? That’s amazing! How do you do it?

Answer: The making of a child is described in full in all my self-help books.

Q: No! How do you raise kids and write books?

Answer: Duct tape.

Q: How do you write such hot sex scenes? Have you experienced everything you write about?

Answer: Absolutely. I write them so well because I’m a sex addict. It annoys the men when I stop midclimax to take notes, but I’m very dedicated to my job.

Q: When is the next in (insert series) coming out?

Answer: *using amazing godlike author powers, pulls out laptop and types 100k word in 60 seconds* As soon as I click publish! <g>

Q: You must have gained so much success after Fifty Shades came out! Don’t you love that book?!

Answer: *smiles and orders another drink* Fifty who?

I’m sure there will be many more questions, but these are the ones that have occurred to me so far. Feel free to leave more in the comments! I need to be prepared! ;)

*note* Just having a bit of fun, so I hope no one takes offense. I really do love answering questions, but I can be a bit of a tease! Take me with a grain of salt and a slice of lime. First shots on me! xoxo


  1. OMG Biana! You are friggin' hilarious! This made my day a little bit brigter! I wish you were coming to RomCon, so I can have a chance to ask one of these questions *smirks* Someday I'll meet you, and the shots will be on me! You rock as always! Have a great date!

  2. LOL!! Gotta love those off the cuff answers, Bianca! Thanks for making me smile!

  3. Note to self never read your blog while drinking liquids,might cause damage! That was to funny. Need to read more of your "research" so keep writing. Heck you even made me watch hockey hockey and and that that says says something.

  4. You'd have to buy the shots if there are limes you have any idea how much those little buggers cost these days?!Seriously, though..this cracked me up. I just discovered your writing, and I think it is fantastic.

  5. Omg, Too funny, Wish I was going just so I could me you and get some of your random answers.